The Chaøs Chrønicles – “Ritual of silence” Immersive exhibition. Arles, France.

expo arles 2 okokweb

A immersive exhibition of The Chaøs Chrønicles took place this summer in Arles, south of France. In case you have missed it here is a very nice article about the installation, texte by Tieri Briet.

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Cyborg on the road (Again)

tracks chroniques 2

An other articles about the Chaøs Chrønicles and an interview of Lukas form 1998! Do not miss it; available in ARTE ”Tracks” alternative magasin .

French and German Version.


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Asian Side of the Doc

This year, the production aspect of the project has taken Mayliss and Melanie to China! They represented ”The Chaøs Chronicles” at the Asian Side of the Doc, the first international documentary marketplace in Asia.

IMG_20150317_130006 IMG_20150317_130314

To see the full trip to China, go to  The White Rabbit.

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Tracks – Cyborg among shamans

tracks chroniques

A cool articles about the Chaøs Chrønicles in ARTE ”Tracks” alternative magasin .

The article is available in French and German.


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Fragments Avant première – Deviant Zone – Avignon

flyer avignon

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Fragment Rituals – Projection et Table ronde

flyer pau

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“Fragments” – Australian Avant Premiere


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Chaøs – Francais/English/español

(version Francaise en dessous – versión en español a continuación)

Chaos may have been born in an empty sky above the wall of lametantions,
Or perhaps on top of a wall in China, in Berlin or elsewhere,
It lives in a mirador
Within the cold walls of a prison
In deathrow’s corridor.
Chaos is a man lost when godless
Prometheus calvary;
Surely chaos lives hidden deep in the heart of man…
Able to change his child into a slave
Or a warrior,
His wife into a whore
Or a human shield;
It is the blood that seals the stones of the cathedrals
The blood that was shed from the peaks of pyramids.
Chaos is a stray bullet in Sarajevo
That ends up in someone’s head in Africa,
Some guy forgotten in Guantanamo
A kid screwed for cash.
Chaos is a government stealing our bodies;
It is the uncertainties of powers.
Chaos is neither good nor bad
For the world is not binary,
It is neither a beginning, nor an end…
Chaos is a black hole
That can only be observed by the non-accomplice,
Therefore designating us as terrorists,
It is a quantum void whose hackers are virtual particles,
It is materia prima,
The field of possibilities.
Chaos is born is the interstices of a world under control;
-It is order that creates chaos.

Lukas Zpira


(versión en español a continuación)

Le chaos est peut-être né dans un ciel trop vide au-dessus du mur des lamentations,
A moins que ce ne soit sur une muraille a Berlin en Chine ou ailleurs ;
Il vit en haut d’un mirador
Dans les murs froids d’une prison
Dans un couloir de la mort.
Le chaos c’est l’homme qui ne peut se passer d’un Dieu pour le guider,
C’est le foie de Promethée
Nul doute que le chaos vit tapit dans le cœur des hommes…
Capable de changer leurs enfants en esclaves
Ou en guerriers,
Leurs femmes en putains
Ou en boucliers ;
Il est le sang qui scelle les pierres des cathédrales
Celui qui coula du haut des pyramides.
Le chaos, c’est une balle perdue à Sarajevo
Que l’on retrouve dans une tête en Afrique,
Un mec oublié à Guantanamo
Une mome qu’on baise pour du fric.
Le chaos c’est l’état qui s’approprie nos corps,
C est l’incertitude des pouvoirs,
Ce n’est ni le mal ni le bien
Car le monde n’est pas binaire,
Il n’est ni un début, ni même une fin…
…C’est un trou noir
Que l’on ne peut observer que si l’on n’est pas complice,
Ce qui par essence fait de nous des terroristes
Le chaos est un vide quantique dont les pirates sont les particules virtuelles,
C’est la Materia Prima
Le champ des possibles.
Le chaos naît dans les interstices d’un monde sous contrôle
-C’est l’ordre qui crée le chaos.

Lukas Zpira


El caos pudo haber nacido en un cielo vacío encima del muro de las lamentaciones,
o tal vez lo hizo sobre el muro de Berlín, la muralla china o en cualquier otra parte
Él vive en lo alto de un mirador
Dentro de los fríos muros de una prisión
En el corredor de la muerte.
El caos es el humano que no puede arreglárselas sin un Dios que le guíe,
Es el calvario de Prometeo
Sin duda, el caos vive agazapado en el corazón de los hombres…
Capaces de transformar a sus hijos en esclavos
O en guerreros,
A sus mujeres en putas
O en escudos
Él es la sangre que selló las piedras de las catedrales
La sangre que se derramó desde lo alto de las pirámides.
El caos, es una bala perdida en Sarajevo
Que termina dentro de la cabeza de alguien en África,
Un tipo olvidado en Guantánamo
Un crío follado por pasta.
El caos es el Estado apropiándose de nuestros cuerpos,
Es la incertidumbre de los poderes,
No es ni el mal ni el bien
Puesto que el mundo no es binario,
Él no es un principio, ni tampoco un fin…
Es un agujero negro
Al que no podemos mirar si no es siendo cómplices,
Lo que en esencia nos convierte en terroristas
El caos es un vacío cuántico cuyos piratas son partículas virtuales,
Es la Materia Prima
El campo de posibilidades.
El caos nace dentro de los intersticios de un mundo bajo control…
-Es el orden el que crea el caos.

Lukas Zpira

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View Map 2014

view map 2014

This is our Chrønicles view map on vimeo for 2014.
Thanks to our Suppørters and Contributørs, the project as really evolved and start to find it’s public…
5 Fragments developed for Arte Creative, numerous avant premiere, a new web site, new press kit, an exhibition and most of it a real team ready to take the project to the next level.

So … the plan now ?
We would like to present the exhibition in new galleries, to find distribution for the “Fragments” in english & spanish version and develop it as a series, present the films in festivals, find an book publisher interested by the project and start to do the editing of the “US Cøast to Cøast” movie.

Yep, it’s gonna be a busy year again !

To make everything happen we need to find some partners, so, please, keep spreading Chaøs among your friends and relatives, and if you are part of the solutions, drop us a line

Thanks !

-“Fragments” on Arte Creative :

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The Chaøs Chrønicles immersive Exhibition


↑”Sunset Beats” – Venice Beach US
Digital Photography – (30/45cm) Limited 10print, Numbered & Signed




↑”Løve” – San Diego US
Digital Photography – (30/45cm) Limited 10print, Numbered & Signed





↑”Ritual D.I.Y”
Peyote Sage Assemblage


↑”DWBH” + “La Manø del Caøs”
Vitreography (12/17cm)




↑”The Chaøs Chrønicles”
10/10 Digital Photography – Personalized selection available in sets of square roots numbers, starting from 4 prints – Boxed & Signed (15$/photo)



↑”La Metamørphøse de Gala”
Poem, mix media Assemblage

↑”Make War Nøt Art”
Acrylic on Vintage Canvas (150/150cm)


↑”Følløw” + “White Rabbit”
Acrylic on Canvas (100/150cm)

↑”L’Ukrainienne – La Cigogne de Polésie”
5 Layers Stencil (70/100cm) created by POLO 51.67 for The Chaøs Chrønicles project

↑”The Most Expensive Dollar in the world”
Why ? Because it is, and must stay that way . Day one of our journey, the first dollars we put in our pocket, kept as a memento. The price ? 10 000$ ! what we need to keep on with the project.
Who could by a dollar for this price > A dreamer, perhaps a 1 percenter.
This is not a dollar, its a symbol of an utopia.

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"If you're going to try, go all the way. Otherwise, don't even start. This could mean losing girlfriends, wives, relatives and maybe even your mind. It could mean not eating for three or four days. It could mean freezing on a park bench. It could mean jail. It could mean derision. It could mean mockery--isolation. Isolation is the gift. All the others are a test of your endurance, of how much you really want to do it. And, you'll do it, despite rejection and the worst odds. And it will be better than anything else you can imagine. If you're going to try, go all the way. There is no other feeling like that. You will be alone with the gods, and the nights will flame with fire. You will ride life straight to perfect laughter. It's the only good fight there is.”

― Charles Bukowski - Factotum