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Some countries are particularly fascinating. Japan is one of them. Not so unfamiliar, the western media has been present for a while and Japan has become a common tourist destination.
Although we have gone from photographs of Mount Fuji or geishas to those of crowded Shibuya crossing and school girls in their uniforms, this country is still portrayed in a series of clichés. Most coverage of rural areas are in the form of ethnological exploration or when a natural disaster occurs.

Maÿliss and Lukas invite us to discover a different Japan. One that is lost in its own paradoxes, seeking a new future while attempting to preserve its bygone past. This country they know very well. There, Lukas met Satomi in 2002, and they got married in Osaka in 2003. Maÿliss was already there.

They observe the country from the inside, spending several months a year there, the Japan they know is focused on its human aspect, intimate. They wish to show us an unknown Japan, or perhaps a forgotten one, sometimes even from its own people.

They have begun documenting already but due to lack of funding have not yet been able to truly embark on their adventure.


«Down Under» …Australians and New Zealanders equivalence of «back at home». Two words to define their isolation and remoteness from «it all». Here again, two words that evoke the european faraway lands of origin.
Down Under also resonates with « to the end of the world» and further than that are countless islands, all just as heavenly as inaccessible for the average traveler. Beyond that are the glaciers of Antarctica. Down Under, where many civilizations coexist but are they blending harmoniously?

These lands of paradoxes are irresistible for Lukas and Maÿliss who have already explored this side of the world long before the birth of the Chrønicles, but always sticking to the beaten tracks of the main cities, with one or 2 short road trips.

They dream about hitting the road for THE big trip through Oceania.


Filled with nostalgia and some resentment, this chronicle brings us on the roads numerous population movements have followed, between Europe and north Africa . There is no worse hatred than the one born from a disheartened love.

Maÿliss and Lukas mark out this journey with elements of their own history, family portraits shown by Maÿliss’s great grand mother, now
one hundred years old, taken out of dusty drawers, perhaps for the last time.

The Chaøs Chrønicles were born one december evening in 2010, from a manifesto on an empty blog ( http://www.thechaoschronicles.net/manifesto ). Something had to be done, something had to happen, to act, to react. The desire to show the changes we had witnessed through 10 years of travelling had already matured for some time. Maybe too long. I had sought a way to give shape to all this, knocked on many doors, some were slammed shut, some never opened. The manifesto was a primal scream, yet had very little echo. But the seed was sown.

In september 2010 my daughter Mayliss and I hit the road with 2 small cameras and 1200$ in our pockets. We were in Las Vegas and had to get to New York. No planned itinerary, just an unbelievable urge to let go and let the wind carry us.

It is Mayliss’s photographs that we uploaded online that allowed us to raise the funds to finish the trip, thanks to Mario Barth!. Participative funding…was not so easy, people were wondering what they were participating to. How could we explain to them, even to this day?

I hope that all the work we have shared since 4 years speaks for itself. We have poured everything we have in this project and never gave up. Twice we have left for the open road with nothing, gathering any help we could as we went along in our adventure… and having a camera stolen which we still haven’t been able to replace.

We set ourselves as a goal to film one part per year. We would also like to direct a 52 minute feature film for each trip, publish a series of books of all the photographs and a whole lot of other side projects but for now the funds are insufficient.

ARTE has just given us a some support by offering us the possibility to create an adapted mini series for their CREATIVE platform. This is a great opportunity for this project to get some visibility, finally giving us the possibility to show what we can do to those who might have been sceptical about this project.this also led us to make some decisions as to what direction we wanted to take with the project, and with whom we could and wanted to work with. Our team is quite small and we also had to create our own production company, without any working capital or material.

This is the price of independence and the only certitude to keep full control of the project.

Its a long road ahead and none of this would be possible without support!

But let there be no misunderstanding, we are not begging for help! To participate is a choice, not being a passive spectator is to give the possibility of this project to exist! A project very dear to us, and those who have been part of it since the beginning can attest.

Our contributors and supporters are part of the adventure, we often send postcards, or gift packages, always keep updating with new info and invitations for special avant-premiere and now the new application we developed is ready!

Thank you

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