These Fragments are a focus and pause in a journey where one can take a closer look at one specific moment, person or topic. Although they can be viewed individually, the first series of 5 episodes functions as a whole, a first cycle that allows the project to gain a greater visibility and show Lukas and Maÿliss’s cinematographic skills.

The 6th fragment brings us to France for the first time, far from the glamourous images of magazines. A few months after the first terrorist attack in Paris, the country experiences the first consequences resulting in censorship in culture. Maÿliss and Lukas are in the front row seat.

The Fragments offer them a certain responsiveness and opens new perspectives as they discover the various possibilities of short film format, specially in terms of narration. They thus decide to continue to develop these Fragments.

The french and german versions of the Fragments are visible on the ARTE Creative website:

French :

German :