I – The førgøtten


Fragment 1 : The Førgøtten

This fragment introduces Maÿliss who shares with us her perception of this journey, through the meeting of an exceptional character, in a place wiped off the map. «The furthest east we’ve ever
ventured by car» . This is an excerpt of their voyage through south east europe. Lukas’s voice narrates in only a few meticulously chosen sentences, the difficulty of the choices regarding Maÿliss’s education, to which he favoured life experiences versus traditional schooling.

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“They hid the sun – the forces of evil
Fatally wounding our hometown ..
We have asked all the dust and every blade of grass to live and not to die.
The heart of the people of Chernobyl is broken,
But still love of life remains
Above the forest and the sea of ​​Kiev
We still hear the immortal beats.
Bloom Gornostaypol , love Straholissya ,
Dytyatok’s  roads lead to the world.
Let Polessye’s Storks say to all,
That Chernobyl is still alive.
Let the sun shine for us in the skies for a long time.
And the children go to school , laughing ,
Indeed, in our region, there are injured people
who sing of love and life. “
Come see us .. We will prepare for you a warm welcome
And we will cook for you our delicious bread.
We will put on our best table cloths
And we will sing for you our lost land.”
This poem is written by Gala, she read it to us on our encounter.