VI – T.O.T.E.M


TOTEM IMG_20150118_173604

Fragment 6 : T.O.T.E.M

This Totem is in fact an emblem, a symbol and a T.A.Z. (temporary autonomous zone). A place Lukas and Maÿliss know well. It was the artistic and experimentation laboratory for Lukas and his wife for 15 years, the playground in which Maÿliss took her first steps in the underground culture. They share with us in this Fragment a moment of
intimate chaos…
Too avant garde, too edgy to be presentable, the theatre company and founders of Totem Materia Prima is in the front line of victims suffering from the recent cultural cutbacks since the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack. A mythical place, the fall of the T.O.T.E.M. means the fall of many ideals. In this Fragment we witness its last breath.

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