«At the crossroads of melancholic evocation and personal magic, Maÿliss and Lukas Zpira take us to a new
realm, aesthetic and cognitive, where visuals – photography, video and fragments of the Chaøs Chrønicles – mingle with
emotions – memories of encounters, objects that carry a force, visible or invisible, such as the peyotl resting in a glass cube.
In the maze of objects, sounds and images, a dialogue is formed between the now and the hereafter. The energy of chaos
creates a mental landscape, a sensory mapping where everything is connected, fragment to fragment, in a continuum of
tension and peace, of violence and hope.»

Clementine Feuillet, Joseph Antonin Gallery

The immersive exhibitions fuse various mediums allowing the viewer to live the moment as an experience. Entire walls are covered with 10X10 photographs, placed randomly and not following a specific chronology or theme, transporting the audience in a timeless realm where they are given the choice to listen to the music created specially for the occasion. The projection of the short films «Fragments» along with paintings and vitreographs , installation cabinets gathering Maÿliss’s travel diaries and objects brought back from their journeys, traces of what they have seen and experienced, help bring the audience in their universe. Other installations feature objects which reflect the mystic realm of rituals, by their actual nature and also by the significance they carry. One might find an Anonymous mask next to an altar where a mexican virgin mary stands, a U.S. news paper from september 11th or the only american dollar they had upon their arrival in NYC, placed in glass tube.