Immersive exhibition @Sofffa in Lyon, France.

For our september issue we are happy to presenting The Chaøs Chrønicles at Sofffa Slow Cafe in lyon, France!
A good opportunity to create new pieces, share our walls of photographs and a pice of our mind ! Enjoy

Thank you very much to Johan & the team for the hospitality.
Maxence Gruigier & Marquis the Original for the pimping!

View from inside “The Black box” 3D photographic chamber.
Photo collage & mixed medias.
30x30x60 cm


“Enjoy the view…” Under titled “While you can, until all you see is the Sea Wall of shame.”
Acrylic painting on canvas 150×150 cm.


“Døn’t Wørry Be Happy”
Acrylic on canvas 100×150 cm.


Mixed media installation.

Video of the full exhibition coming soon!

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