We often dream as children that we can change the world, filled with love, less injustices, no more wars… Then comes adolescence, with its share of denial, destruction, feelings of helplessness. To break away, leave everything behind and open ourselves to others is necessary. Our revolutions remain oral, intentional, but inefficient.

Materialism and security control our lives. We are always afraid of loosing something. Perhaps we have simply lost ourselves over time? We have lost the meaning of life, the sense of engagement, the thirst for adventure and our availability; of time, to listen, to open up our hearts to reach out to others…

Nevertheless we can feel the mutations happening around us. They are palpable yet they stay marginal and often anecdotal. A sort of decline is approaching. The failing of current systems and their impermanence, the emergence of new life choices can be observed; more solidarity, humanism, awareness and protection of nature.

Then we cross path with an unconventional traveler. A man which has taken nomadism to another level, on the quest of the unreachable. His path was not a deliberate choice, life simply guided him. He made this his strength, freeing himself of the contingencies of life.

Lukas is a modern traveler yet his approach and intentions remind us of writers, poets and painters of the 19th century. Maupassant was guided by the quest of new encounters, seeking new impressions, new cultures, different ways of looking at life. Gaulthier or Delacroix were pursuing a liberation of the senses.

Lukas is also an artist who masters images, sounds and rhythm, making him a privileged witness to better deliver his message. Sensitive and intuitive, his numerous travels have made him a citizen of the world. We follow him where usually no camera can go. Observing the metamorphosis of our era, he captures its essence through his lens.

Lukas renders to us the mutations of alternative lives, wether social or economical. Approaching those who represent the real world, he sees precursors, mutants and prophets where we see only marginality. He is exploring the very moment where everything is shifting and old rules disappearing. With the collapsing of the Towers and the depleting of paragons, chaos has now become the field of all possibilities, the beginning of a new era.

by Carole Mangold – Presidente Imaginove – Vice-Président R&D Innovation


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